Born in the north east of England to a family of psychologists, church bell ringers and singers, Elva has always had an intense interest in empowering people for growth and for a purpose. She has always been fast, productive, busy and keen to make life interesting. She even organised five very tricky bell ringing "peals" (a "peal" is 5000+ changes and normally takes about 3 hours to ring) for her 18th birthday weekend which was just a few weeks before her A levels!

   At Bristol University she learnt her psychology but mostly she learnt about leadership as Master of the University bell-ringers and discovered her love of tandem bike-riding and pints of beer.

   At work she learnt how corporates operate right from the ground to the Board.

   As a personnel manager in a factory she learned the art of negotiation. She was the only woman on site and the most qualified person and her teachers were five trade union leaders.

  In America she disliked what it felt like to be an “alien” but discovered her voice of influence, her openness and her entrepreneurial spirit.

  In London she found her true singing voice using her physical body without her “self” interfering and her love of city life, men and bell towers.

  At SHL (her “sweet shop” job with business psychologists) she discovered her skills of 360⁰ feedback, psychometrics, consulting and innovating.

  Training as a homeopath she found the magic and wonder that is the process of healing and human change.

  In her first business Talent Innovations she perfected her approach to 360⁰ Discovery, learnt the art of coaching, creating flow and a strong team from just a blank piece of paper combined with a big dose of commitment.

  As mother of 3 she learnt how to juggle many important balls at the same time and to trust a woman’s capacity to give birth.

  In her leadership roles she has learnt about the unique and authentic way women can lead and the trickiness of managing the listening of a powerful female leader.

  Once she relished her femininity she saw that her true purpose in life was to empower women in life, in work, in health and particularly in childbirth.

  Having gained clarity in her life and her career she embarked on a new venture of sharing this learning and knowledge through writing, with her first book '360 Degree Feedback: A Transformational Approach'.

  In maturity she has learnt to respect the limitations of the physical and the limitless of possibilities….
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360 Degree Feedback: A Transformational Approach