Along with my flourishing business, Talent Innovations, which satisfies my passion for the development of individual talent, I also have extended interests across many other businesses and groups. From helping to support and empower women in their careers and throughout their natural life transitions, to helping to develop the next generation of church bell-ringers, you can see that variety inspires me and I am not afraid of being a little busy from time to time!

Amersham Ringers

Combining the logic of maths, the beauty of music and the fun of team work. Ringing is more than a simple past time, it is a way of life.

Doula UK

Doula UK is a network of birth companions who seek represent and promote a new era of compassion, unconditionally supporting the needs of everyone involved in pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

Elva is all about supporting entrepreneurs. So she was delighted to lend her skills, experience and passion to a recent Dragon's Den workstop along with Peter and his panel of experts.

Assocation of Ringing Teachers

Keeping bell-ringing alive and vibrant means supporting ringing teachers with tools, training and motivation so they can inspire and develop the next generation of ringers.


Elva sings Alto in the well respected amateur chamber choir Voix de Vivre. Recent concerts included Victoria: Requiem a 6 Officium Defunctorum.

Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

GIFEW seeks to empower women in leadership positions and to encourage the feminine qualities that women bring as strengths in male dominated environments.

Birth Innovations

Birth Innovations is a pioneering concept offering high quality tools and services to career-minded women around the world.

Dynamic Woman

Dynamic Woman aims to help educate and support women so that they are happy and at peace in their roles as mothers, whether they have children or not.