360 degree feedback, Elva Ainsworth
360 Degree Feedback: A Transformational Approach is Elva’s first book. Released in April 2016 it reveals the secrets to transforming people through a variety of unique and practical methodologies.

Elva shares the insight and experience she has gained over more than 20 years designing and delivering 360 feedback projects around the world.

Many claim to be expert. How many are willing to share their secrets? In this engaging and practical book Elva reveals the latest insights on change processes, illustrating publically for the first time the unique and powerful methodologies that underpin the approach that has positioned Talent Innovations as true 360 experts. This book is essential reading for HR and OD professionals, consultants and coaches who wish to take their skills to a new level.

The book is available to buy on Amazon in both print and digital editions.

“It demonstrates what a powerful transformational tool 360 can be. This is a fantastic, practical and inspiring book, which I think should add a lot to the successful implementation of transformational 360 processes in organisations”. — Liz Bridge, Learning Services Director, Centre for Customised Executive Development, Cranfield School of Management

“It’s a great book and gives a fresh perspective. Twenty years of experience is evident in every word on the page. What company wouldn’t want that insight! Insights into discovering the data you have and will gain, and ways to interpret it. This book dares you to be innovative with how you use and present that data”. — Mark MacKenzie MBE, Organisational Development Advisor, Transport for London